Altared States is a slow-moving series of conversations exploring personal experiences with religion & spirituality, healing ourselves, altered states of consciousness, and the ever changing living and dying process that we all belong to. 

Episode 3: Seeing God in People

A very special guest joins us for this episode — my Grandma Marly! We talk about her being drawn to Jesus as a mentor at 13, her experience in the Lutheran Church and the importance of community, her interfaith marriage to my Grandpa, (a Catholic !) and how they navigated that together and found common ground in their spiritual beliefs. The theme of surrender comes up many times as we consider the practice of prayer and turning our troubles over to God. I share the story of my accidental and unauthorized first communion, and my grandma shares many sweet nuggets of wisdom, such as: “If you feel anxious, go find something to do for someone else.”

Evangelical Lutheran Church of AmericaThich Nhat HanhSacred Dying: Rituals for Embracing the End of Life

Episode 2: Angels, Ancestors, & Guides

Listen in for a conversation between me (Rachel) and my lovely friend and holistic health guide Arlee B. We discuss her experience growing up in the Baptist Church and transitioning to Buddhism, the difference between religion and spirituality, strengthening intuition & learning to trust yourself, working with angels, ancestors & guides, the ritual of our every day lives, and the importance of asking for help!

“I know see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process, is the bravest thing we will ever do.” — Brené BrownShambhala Mountain Center

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Episode 1: Let’s Talk About Death

A conversation about death and dying, cultural rituals to acknowledge it, what we know for sure and what we may never know, + our many varying feelings about it. Also included: a couple mindfulness practices and some ideas for getting more comfortable with Death. Featuring guest Willow Brook!

Caitlyn DoughtyThich Nhat HanhHazrat Inayat Kanh & Universal Sufism • MogaDao InstituteBe Here Now by Ram Dass • Alua Arthur Mirabai StarrSacred Dying: Rituals for Embracing the End of Life

Soul Invocation series • on Instagram: @soul.invocation & @willow__brook

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