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everything is a spiral

I am fasting today. It’s the third Sunday in a row. I’m trying to get closer to my body. An attempt to detox the rush rush rush that always pulls me away. The old anxiety I’ve been somewhat successfully fending off in the last year has floated quietly, but surely to the surface in recent weeks. Like an emptying carcass. Like a magnet. Like this tight cartilage in my chest. Scar tissue. It has its own body.

the heart

by Dan Becker I went northwest to high country flat and unbounded to the sky, devoid of all plant life save the barest  of shrubs and tufts of grass, and seemingly unoccupied by any other living forms for as far as I could see.  It was land cut with trickles of ravines laced into gullies, […]

Review, Renewal, Reconsideration: Astrological Insights for Retrograde Season

by Sun the Pisces Hello and Welcome to Earth Church! About me: My name is Sun, I am a professional Astrologer of 5 years, and energy coach. I am 1st generation Sierra Leonean and Liberian. I identify as Sun/They/Them is also appropriate. You can find me online at should you desire a personal reading […]