Church of Earth began as an experimental art installation on Earth Day in 2016 — an attempt to create a space for real, honest conversations about the psycho-spiritual implications of our global climate crisis, and what it really means to heal, as individuals and as a collective whole.

The installation imagined a sacred space for our times as a response to cultural division and decay, where all life is included, where nature is remembered as holy ground, and where human beings are empowered to face the realities of ourselves and our world, actively involving themselves in the shift that’s needed to transform and restore balance to the way we live and relate on this planet.

This initial event has continued to evolve into a wider project, seeking and exploring new and old ways of living on Earth with wonder and respect for the home we all share. Today, Church of Earth is a multi-disciplinary platform devoted to offering opportunities to engage with the work of personal and collective healing through experimental art projects, ritual & ceremony, religious/spiritual study, and community events.

This project is moved and motivated by the work of countless forces, including but not limited to: Deep Ecology, The Work that Reconnects, Radical Dharma, Indigenous and Earth-honoring traditions of past and present, & all those that walk this earth in wonder — before us, with us, and after us.

 nature is alive, conscious, and sacred

art can be an act of prayer

the earth is your body / your body is the earth

healing ourselves heals the world 

“A beautiful intervention into this human-drama.”
— Angus

“Still feeling the glow after a most magical experience. Celebrating and healing our connection to Earth by inspiring one another — how revolutionary is that?!? My boundless gratitude for being invited to play in such sparkling energy!”
— Liz

“Most aesthetic cult in town.”
— Haley