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Hello Earthlings, dropping in with a brief Public Service Announcement to pass on the joy of a short film that was recently shared with me by both my mom, Jenny and my friend Diane on separate occasions. I’ve watched it several times now and hope you will check it out too!

Japanese artist Azuma Makoto has sent his floral sculptures into space and sunk them to the bottom of the ocean, but most of the time, he thinks about the life and death of flowers. Flower Punk is a hypnotizing short documentary that brings you inside his work and process. After watching, you won’t be able to think about flowers the same way again. (via the filmmaker’s website, here)

“One time I read an old story and started to cry. There was once a very bad disaster in Kyoto. And the monks there dedicated flowers to the victims and prayed every morning. When they would finish praying, they would go out to feed the victims and take care of their wounds. The passage said this was the true purpose of someone who arranges flowers. When I read it, it made me cry so much and I felt, “These guys are punk.” It’s not just about arranging flowers. It’s the whole thing — saying the prayers and entrusting them to the flowers, arranging flowers even in the face of disaster…That spirit is my goal. I really feel it’s a punk spirit. It shook my heart.”  — Azuma Makoto 

“Something that expresses the connection between Japanese people and nature is the artwork “kusozu”. There are 9 panels. After a young, beautiful person passes away due to illness, the body is left in a field. These nine pictures show the process of this body returning to nature. In the end you realize that humans are part of nature. Someday we will also die and go back to nature and become dust.”  — Azuma Makoto 

watch the film here or on YouTube!

Rachel Zetah Becker is an artist, designer and proud earthling who is curious about trash, apocalypse, and what makes something sacred. She loves a good dance party and wandering in wild places.

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  1. Sheryl

    You are right, I won’t look at flowers the same anymore… although I alway believed they were alive. They definitely speak in color and convey joy. I think what I really found meaningful was the fact that he couldn’t find the line between his work and personal life.


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