Equinox Earth Altar

By Stephanie Pieper

After being stuck inside for several days straight due to the bad air quality, I had the desire to connect with nature in a more intimate way. As I was on a walk, I noticed how many of the leaves had started to turn during my time indoors. The air felt “equinoxy” outside too, ya know? Like the sun was out, but crisp cold air slipped up my sleeves every now and again, and I could smell the rains coming. Anyway, I collected some plants that spoke to me on my walk. Even though most of them were on their last legs, I placed each plant in a vase of water when I got home. This felt like a soothing / revitalizing gesture (for both myself and the plants) after watching the earth be scorched for so many days.

As I looked at all the plants I’d brought home, they felt too beautiful to not create something with. Taking inspiration from my dear friend, @church.of.earth, I decided to build an earth altar. I am so grateful to be surrounded by people who encourage me to express this kind of creativity. Next to the plants, I placed trinkets and fabrics found around my home. To me, gold, amber, and yellow colors represent the transition into autumn and the virgo season. I poured out a blend of lavender and sage into one of the glass jars, and burned a small stick of Palo Santo in another. (Palo Santo, meaning “Holy Wood” in Spanish, is a wood that has been used by Indigenous peoples for centuries to clear negative energy, or treat pain and stress.) I wrote down a few intentions for the upcoming season and read a a passage from The Faithful Gardener (which just happened to be about the cycles of fire, woah). I prayed a little too.

I can’t say I’ve built many altars in the past, but I now see the appeal. Like many subtle moments in life, altar building is a ritual. This was a space for me to be present and to take notice of all that is around me. This was also a space for me to exercise my intuition and creativity without judgement, a space to reflect, and a space to communicate with the universe. This was a very sacred space.

Do you have an altar you’d like to share? We’d love to see it! If so Please reach out with a photo and description of what is on your altar, and why. 

Stephanie Pieper is a creative entrepreneur, zine enthusiast, and frequent daydreamer based in Seattle, WA. Holding a strong belief that entrepreneurs are building frameworks to a reimagined world, she has focused her energy and work to support these socially conscious individuals. As a freelance designer, Stephanie encourages each entrepreneur to extract their own creative essence through a gentle process of compassion and intuition. She is also the founder of LADY, a donation-based zine and resource for local female-identifying entrepreneurs. Through her creative ventures, Stephanie’s greatest intention is to foster spaces of care within her community.

@sbpieper  /  stephaniepieper.com

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